Easy Salon Bookkeeping supplies salon accounting spreadsheet templates to simplify the bookkeeping and sales tax requirements for hair salons, barber shops, beauty salons and tattoo studios worldwide. We have designed a range of easy-to-use accounts spreadsheets to be an ideal salon accounting system to keep track of your finances, prepare sales tax returns and ease the year end salon accounts preparation.

Our range of salon accounts spreadsheets are designed around local sales tax requirements and are currently used by hundreds of hairdressers, beauty technicians, barber shops and salons in USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the UK.

There are versions suitable for:

  • Hairdressers etc exempt from or not required to register for sales tax, GST etc
  • Salons in USA required to file sales tax returns (spreadsheet versions for specific states)
  • Salons in Canada which are GST, HST, QST filers (spreadsheet versions for specific provinces)
  • Salons in Australia which are GST filers

Features of our salon accounts templates:

  • Designed for hairdressers, beauty technicians, hair salons, barber shops & beauty salons
  • Suitable for those trading from home, mobile, “booth renting” or salon owners
  • No accounting experience required
  • Less complex than many commercial accounting software packages
  • Single-entry salon bookkeeping software
  • Simply record salon income & expenses
  • Drop-down menus make categorizing salon expenses very quick & straightforward
  • Excel spreadsheet “predictive text" feature speeds up data entry
  • Automatic sales tax calculator for your specific state/province sales tax authority
  • Ideal format to e-mail to your accountant
  • Our salon software templates have proved to be popular with many accountants
  • Spreadsheets are designed using Microsoft Excel 2003 (compatible with later versions)
  • Also compatible with the FREE office suite software, available from www.openoffice.org

The salon spreadsheet templates include

  • Clear instructions
  • Salon Income sheet
  • Salon Expenses sheet
  • Bank reconciliation facility
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Account (automatically generated)
  • Automatic sales tax calculator

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